cable park

System 2.0 Cable Lake

At Wow we take advantage of the mobility of the system 2.0 to change our layout and features constantly. This way you will be riding a different park setup throughout the season. We offer plenty of riding options for beginner, intermediate and advanced riding abilities. Come check out Western Oasis Wakeplace and see why we are the West Coast's best cable wakeboard lake.

Cable Passes   Kids (under 14) Adult (over 14)
1 Hour   $23.00 $25.00
2 Hour   $33.00 $35.00
3 Hour   $43.00 $45.00
All Day   $53.00 $55.00
2 Consecutive Day Passes   $83.00 $95.00

*At WOW, anyone under the age of 10 is required to pass a cable lesson before they are allowed to “free-ride” on our cable system.

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10:00am – 6:00pm


Flat Box
Up Flat